Heavy Duty Commercial Truck Wash, Bus Wash – Prestige 12

Prestige washbay, truck wash, buswash

Bus and truck fleets often require regular washdowns for maintenance, operations and safety and therefore they require a truck wash or bus wash bay that is heavy duty and easy to maintain over the years. In this article, we will explore some key requirements for a commercial truck or bus wash bay and highlight some features of our Prestige Series of Washpads. By looking at the features of the Prestige 12, we will explore three areas critical to bus or truck fleet businesses – structural strength of the washbay, the return on investment on a heavy duty washpad, and customisation required for heavy vehicle washbays.

Structural Strength

Heavy vehicles that are roadworthy must be less than a 12 Tonne per axle rating. A heavy vehicle washbay therefore requires to hold the weight of the vehicles and not get damaged over time with extensive and consistent use. The Prestige 12 washpad can handle any size vehicle as long as it meets the typical road legal specification. It is a structurally designed pad is made of hot dipped galvanized steel.

The Prestige 12 is a washpad that can be installed on site in a matter of 24-48 hours onsite. Even though it is built for commercial businesses, it can easily be used by equipment rental companies, construction companies as well as in mine sites.

Return on Investment

The biggest challenge for commercial businesses is that even though they want a heavy duty vehicle wash bay, they are not willing to pay top dollars for industrial grade wash pad. When designing the Prestige 12, we kept our customers in mind and created the perfect solution that meets both the need for a heavy duty washbay and good return on investment that our clients want.

Clients looking for a heavy duty commercial pads have unique challenges.

  • They may need to relocate if they are renting out their premises.
  • Business like truck depots may have a large number of trucks being washed down every day and therefore they have to think of regular maintenance of their washbays.
  • Some businesses may have space limitations and they may need to customise the washbay to fit their indoor or outdoor site location.

The Prestige 12 proves to be a good return on investment due to several reasons. It is modular, above ground washbay that can be used as a permanent washbay. However, if required, it can be easily moved and relocated. One of our clients is Australia’s largest equipment hire companies working with the construction and building services industry. They purchased our Prestige 12 washpads several years back and have successfully reused them for various projects across several locations. This has not only saved them costs on purchasing and installing new washbays for different projects, they have been able to relocate and install these washbays in a matter of days, saving them time and costs across the board.

The Prestige 12 can be installed in a day, depending on the water treatment systems need to be added on with the washbay. One of the big savings for our client companies is that all our products require minimal maintenance over the years.

truck wash, prestige wash system


Depending on the site location and the project requirements, our clients often provide us with their customisation requirements. The Prestige 12 is extremely flexible when it comes to customising its design.

The standard Prestige12 is 6.5 x 5.2m, however, depending on the size of the vehicle, the modular pads can be stacked one in front of the other to create a long washbay. The original design of the pad has a clean construction that allows two 1.2 m walkways on either side of the structural pad for service personnel to walk around as they wash down the buses and trucks. The water goes into a central gutter and is sucked into the water filtration system we provide with the washbay. Here are a few custom design sizes:

  • 13m long x 5.2 m wide washbay with 2 side walls and drive through configuration (figure 1)
  • 5 m long x 5.2 m wide washbay  (figure 1)
  • 26 m long x 5.2 m wide washbay

The washbay can also be customised with walls with options of the standard vinyl walls or structural steel walls. Ramps can be configured for a drive on and reverse off, or drive through configuration. All these design details can be easily accompdated without a huge increase in costs or making major changes to the design.

Enviro Concepts also provides a range of water treatment solutions that are modular and meet compliance requirements set by local and environmental councils. They can be added to the wash bays for a complete washbay wastewater management systems. The wastewater treatment plants can handle small to large volumes of washwater and easily remove oil, grease, detergents and suspended solids from the washdown water to make it compliant for discharging to sewer or even recycling for reuse.

With easy customisation, high return on investment and structural durability of Prestige 12, we call it the light heavyweight range of our Prestige Series of Wash Systems. To enquire about how Prestige 12 can help your business, contact us or send us a request for free estimate.