Mechanical Workshop Trade Waste – Your Wastewater Treatment Options

trade waste, repair shop wastewater

The wastewater created in a motor vehicle repair shop may contain a high degree of contaminants such as fuels, solvents, battery acids, paints, coolants, cleaners, battery acids, degreasers, hydrocarbons, brake dust, grit and residue from the vehicles. If the wastewater is not properly managed before discharge to sewer, it can affect the health and safety of the community. All mechanical workshops require a compliant wastewater treatment system. Enviro Concepts works closely with the vehicle repair industry to provide compliant, cost-effective wastewater treatment solutions.

What is Trade Waste?

Trade waste is the liquid waste from any industry, business, trade or manufacturing premises, anything other than domestic sewage. Trade waste from the vehicle repair shops is usually generated by cleaning of engines, parts, the vehicles and the workshop floors. Sewage must not be allowed to drain to stormwater drains, street gutters or any waterway. It also needs to be treated before discharging to sewer.

Why do you need to manage trade waste?

It is illegal to discharge trade waste to the sewerage system as it can cause serious problems like blockages, corrosion and even breakdown of the sewage purification system. If you are producing trade waste, you will require a trade waste approval before discharge to sewer from your local network provider or council.

What types of businesses fall under this category?

Motor repair or service industry comprises of a variety of business and almost all of these businesses have the ability to generate trade waste. These businesses include:

  • Motor mechanics
  • Car detailers
  • Panel beaters
  • Service stations
  • Transport depots
  • Vehicle service centres
  • Spray painters
  • Car yards
  • Secondhand car sales
  • Wrecking yards
  • Smash Repairs
  • Steam cleaners/degreasers
  • Engine or gearbox rebuilders
  • Radiator repair workshops

What are the possible solutions for this industry?

Enviro Concepts provides both modular wash bays and water treatment solutions for this industry. For mechanical workshops and repair shops, the biggest need in wastewater treatment is to separate oil and other contaminants from wastewater, allowing the water to be safely discharged to the sewerage system. Some of the solutions for pre-treatment we provide are:

  • Solids Interceptor Oil Separator system (SIOS system) – 25, 50 or 100 L/min
  • Oil Water separators range from 5L/min-200L/min
  • Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) range from 100 L/min – 7000 L/min

Please download the specification sheets for all three systems from our DOWNLOAD page.

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