Wash Bays for Workshops and Small Spaces

Enviro Concepts has several years of experience servicing the automotive industry. It is also Australia’s leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial wash pads. In our experience, there are many businesses that require a wash bay for cleaning their vehicles and equipment but have a space limitation on their premises. These businesses are looking for a compliant solution and a wash bay that has low maintenance. They are also looking for a solution that is relocatable. Given the limitations and challenges, Enviro Concepts provides above ground wash bay solutions that meet the requirements of such businesses.

3 Big Challenges

Creating washbays in small spaces has its challenges. The 3 major factors are:

Available Space

The space available in the desired location is a major factor in planning the washbay, especially as we must consider the traffic flows to the prospective site. To customise the washbay, Enviro Concepts offers compact, modular, above ground wash pads that can be put together for any size washbay. We also provide ramp options for drive on reverse off, or drive through options to combat the challenge with traffic flow.


For many automotive businesses, the business premises are rented. Building a permanent washbay is often not a feasible solution for these businesses. Enviro Concepts wash pads are modular and therefore can be relocated easily to new premises. The wash bay is also very quick and easy to install (1-2 days) and therefore provides time and cost benefits to the business owners.

Waste Water

Some automotive and equipment wash bays have high volume of washes, which the Enviro Concept wash pads can accommodate easily. The water from the wash is collected in the gutter provided and is then pumped out to a holding tank or water treatment unit before it heads down the sewer. Enviro Concepts can provide compact, skid-mounted water treatment units that make discharge to sewer compliant for businesses.

5 Key Questions

If you are planning a wash bay for a small space, these 5 questions will help in the planning:

  1. What is the best configuration for your wash bay for best traffic flow and ease of use?
  2. What will you do with the wash water?
  3. Have you checked your wash bays for compliance? (Modular washbays don’t normally require permits or approvals)
  4. Is your premise leased? Do you need a relocatable solution?
  5. Are you looking to lease or rent a wash bay? (Washbay Rental starts as low as $12/day)

For a full set of questions, download our Wash Bay Wastewater Checklist


Enviro Concepts Washpad Features

Compact, portable and practical, the Enviro Concepts wash pad range of small wash bays are the ideal solution for workshops, factories or small spaces. Some of the features of our Prestige Series washpads and Enviro Concept Industrial pads are:

  • Weight capacity – 2T, 12T, 20T, 30T & 75T per axle rating
  • Side walls designed to contain over spray
  • Side gutter collects runoff for water recycling or complaint discharge to trade waste
  • Steel ramps on one or both sides of the wash bay
  • 5 Year structural warranty

If you have any questions on how to build a cost effective and portable washbay for your business, feel free to contact us for a free consultation and estimate.

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