What Can I Do With My Wastewater?

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Wastewater is defined as any water that has been adversely affected in quality by anthropogenic influence or in other words, any liquid which has been impacted by human activity. This includes a number of water-borne wastes of a community including Black Water (Sewage from toilets), Grey Water (showers, sinks and laundries) and Storm Water (including roof runoff, ground & surface water).

Wastewater can be from your home, the local takeaway shop, the factory you work in or the gym you go to each week. Wastewater is generated in large amounts in restaurant kitchens where you dine, the farms who supplied your vegetables, your car mechanics workshop and of course your local car wash.

Many people get confused as to what waste water is allowed to go where. It is good advice to always assume that your wastewater is Sewage, and should be treated as such. It shouldn’t go to the garden. Do NOT send it to the nearest stormwater drain. NEVER recycle and reuse it without proper filtration and disinfection lest you make people (or the environment) extremely sick.

So What Can I Do With My Wastewater?

In broad terms you need to Discharge or Reuse it.

To Reuse and Recycle your Water it requires a high level of filtration and disinfection to make safe.

To Discharge you can send it to a holding tank which requires no filtration. Or in most cases, councils will require a minimum level of Oil and Sediment filtration then allow you to put your Wastewater down the sewer.  and implementation for this are large fines when not adhered to.

Most client projects that Enviro Concepts has successfully completed required Council, EPA, DAF, or AQIS compliance.

Enviro Concepts Industrial Waste Water Contaminant & Water Treatment Products Chart

At Enviro Concepts, we help clients all over Australia to treat, safely discharge (according to compliance regulations) or recycle and reuse their waste water. Depending on what type of wastewater is produced by your industry, we provide treatment and filtration solutions with the aim to improve the quality of waste water to a minimum acceptable level. The treatment process aims to reduce the amounts of suspended solids, biodegradable organics, pathogenic bacteria and nutrients that lead to growth of algae which can cause heavy load of biodegradable organics in the water.

There are several steps in wastewater treatment, however, it is important to know what type of water treatment system you would need to tackle your specific wastewater needs. You also need to know whether you are looking to filter the water for proper discharge to sewer or you are looking to recycle the water for reuse in your facility.

To make it easier for you to check your wastewater needs and the solutions you have for treatment, we have created a chart for you.

wastewater treatment

You can download the specification sheets for each of our water treatment solutions by clicking here.

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