5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Wheel Wash

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Over the years, the Wheel Wash has gained popularity as an effective way to automatically clean truck tyres and making the trucks compliant to be driven on public roads. The Wheel Wash does not only provide functionality and convenience, it also allows businesses to be environmentally and socially responsible, while accruing cost benefits for the business. How can you maximise the benefits of the Wheel Wash? In this article, we will go through some of the features to be aware of when purchasing a Wheel Wash for your business.

Fact 1: Complying to Legal Requirements

Preventing track out on public roads is an important consideration for several industries including construction, mining, waste removal, power plants, chemical and even agricultural businesses. In these businesses, track out from outgoing vehicles that go against EPA requirements are liable for heavy fines. When deciding to buy a Wheel Wash, it’s important to weigh the cost of the project versus the risk of non-compliance, and long term fees and damages that the business might incur.

Fact 2: Do you need Rumble Grids?

In certain types of businesses, the trucks gather high amounts of mud, stones, dirt, fertilizer, weeds, etc on their tyres and underbody. One of the options we provide at Enviro Concepts is to add a Rumble Grid leading to the Wheel Wash. As the truck moves through the ramps, the grid removes loose mud and organic matter before the truck goes through a wheel wash. Do you need to add Rumble Grid ramps to your Wheel Wash?

Fact 3: Are You Looking for A Wheel Bath or Wheel Wash?

There are several reasons why you would be required to wash your truck tyres including preventing track outs and spreading contamination. In a Wheel Wash Bath, the truck moves through a bath of water that helps remove loose organic material, clean weeds and seeds and gently wash the tyres in order to prevent contamination from being spread from area to area. The Wheel Wash Bath can be paired with a Rumble Grid to loosen the mud and dirt from tyres before the truck enters the bath.

However, if the truck underbody and flaps need to be washed along with the tyres, a Wheel Wash equipped with high pressure spray jets is required. Check out our automatic, sensor operated Enviro Wheel Wash options.

Fact 4: Pit or No Pit?

Enviro Concepts can provide different types of Wheel Wash variations. The three top designs include:
• Basic System – Use it with your own pit
• Standard Modular System – No civils needed
• Standard (with upgrades) – Upgraded with Conveyor Solids Removal

All three systems use pressure jets. The basic system has a bottom slope that collect and moves the sludge to an existing pit. Businesses can choose this option if they want to add a Wheel Wash to an existing site that has the civils done or has its own pit.

The standard system is modular, standalone, automatic sensor-operated system that can be installed quickly on any site, including remote locations. The system has the capacity of washing 700-1000 washes per day. The modified version of the standard model allows for a conveyor solids removal belt on the Wheel Wash. With this added feature and additional functionality, the system one of our most requested products. For details of each of the models, visit our Wheel Wash page.

Fact 5: Buy or Rent? Cost Benefits?

Installing a Wheel Wash prevents the possibility for being fined by councils or EPA. However, there are other cost benefits that businesses can tap onto when purchasing their Wheel Wash. Reclaiming water for reuse or recycling water could provide cost benefits. Enviro Concepts provides wastewater treatment and recycling solutions. If the Wheel Wash needs to be installed in a temporary site, for example a temporary construction or mining site, the business can explore rental or lease options with Enviro Concepts.

Contact us with your questions on Wheel Wash Bath or Wheel Wash systems or request a free estimate.