Advantages of Portable Modular Mine Truck & Equipment Wash Bays

Heavy vehicles & equipment in mining are used steadily throughout the day and may need to be washed regularly for heavy solids, dirt, mud, oils and grease. Keeping equipment clean is an essential part of mining operations. Enviro Concepts builds portable, heavy duty, modular truck wash bays for mining and construction industries. Working to resolve the challenges these industries face, Enviro Concepts creates portable wash bay system and customised truck wash bay design.

Remote Locations & Portable Truck Wash Bays

Most mining sites are in remote locations and have their own challenges and many have no sewer connections. The businesses are concerned with managing clean water supply due to their remote locations and have several environmental concerns with discharge of the wastewater. Mining vehicles work in extreme conditions and require routine maintenance to operate safely and the task of cleaning these vehicles can be a difficult one depending on the size and weight of the mining vehicles & equipment.

Enviro Concepts creates customised solutions to address all of these challenges. Our wash bay system can be customised accommodate any size vehicles. Our containerised, portable Wastewater Recycling Plant provides an excellent solution to when there is lack of sewer connection for the wash bay. It creates sustainability and water management for the site.

Mine Site Washdowns

Mine washdown bays can be customised for the size and weight of the trucks and equipment that are being placed on the wash bay. The Enviro Concepts washpads are modular with our standard units measuring 2.4m long x 6.5m wide. The modular washpads can be put together to create a wash bay of any length.

Enviro Concepts is the leading provider of above ground, modular wash pads and wash bays. The washpads are designed and built in Australia. The structural pads are built to standard weight ratings of 2, 12, 20, 30 and 75 Tonnes per axle rating. The 12 T pads can accommodate any vehicle that is legally capable of driving on the roads in Australia including heavy trucks and semi-trailers as the weight of the vehicle is evenly divided at 12 T per axle.

Convenient, Modular, Relocatable, Quick Installment

Often, remote mine sites are temporary locations and the wash bays need to be relocated. The Enviro Concepts wash bays can easily be dismantled, relocated and set up in a new location, thus providing huge convenience and cost benefits for the client.

The Enviro Concept Washpads are made of hot dipped galvanized steel that can withstand the harshest weather conditions. They are convenient for remote sites – they are highly durable and require little maintenance.

The modular washpad units are manufactured at our workshop and are shipped to site. It takes 1-3 days of installation time for the wash bay to be operational. The quick manufacturing and installation time allows clients to meet quick turnaround time on their projects.

Working with the Environment

Several mine sites have no stormwater or sewerage connections. The environmental regulations typically does not allow hydrocarbons to get into local water tables. Enviro Concepts provides a containerised wastewater recycling plant for remote sites that treats and recycles the water for reuse and keeps the wash bay compliant to environmental requirements.

With advantages like customisation, compliance and convenience, Enviro Concepts modular, portable wash bays and equipment wash down bays provide solutions for many of the challenges faced by the mining industry.

If you have a question on how our modular wash down bays would benefit your business, contact us here.