Why Do You Need A Wheel Wash?

Enviro Concepts, Wheel Wash System

Quarries, concrete plants, construction sites, power plants and other industrial facilities have to work with regulations designed to prevent the track-out of mud, dust, chemicals and dirt on to public roads. Many companies, particularly stone quarries and mine sites, have installed wheel wash and truck wash systems in order to be compliant with regulations and play their part in protecting the local environment.

What Are You Looking for in A Wheel Wash?

Dirt and mud are tracked out of sites onto roadways, particularly in wet conditions. Some sites might hold hazardous materials. This is a threat to public safety and could lead to a costly cleanup, if not prevented from spreading and polluting.

There are various types of wheel washes available on the market. A basin style wheel bath is one of the simplest designs. Even though it is low cost, a basin requires a huge footprint, daily cleaning for optimum performance and it does not wash mud flaps or wheel wells where dirt can accumulate. Using a low pressure Wheel Wash has several disadvantages and include high water consumption, inability to remove lube oils and greases from undercarriage and the spray nozzles can plug or wear out if the water is dirty.

The best option is the use of high pressure wheel wash. These systems are sensor operated and automatic. They are designed to wash tyres and mud flaps. They require low water consumption.

At the end of the day, and especially if you have a remote site location, three factors are important –

  1. The Wheel Wash should be self-sufficient and recirculate the wash water (or recycle if a recycling plant is installed with it)
  2. It can withstand harsh conditions, heavy vehicles and low maintenance
  3. It can handle a high number of washes and wash efficiently and to the standard required for compliance.

The Enviro Concepts Wheel Wash delivers. It is a heavy duty, modular, drive-through system that is fully automated and activated by approaching vehicles through a photo electric sensor It is a fully self-contained unit that has a reservoir for recirculated water. As the vehicle passes through the Wheel Wash, multiple spray points deliver water jets to clean the wheel and undercarriage of the vehicles. Check out our webpage for the types of Wheel Wash we provide for the Australian market.

Cleaning Efficiency & Use of Rumble Grids

There are several factors that affect the performance of a wheel wash.  The volume and the pressure of water is an important factor for cleaning efficiency. The amount and type of mud and dirt on the truck also affects performance. Rumble grid ramps can significantly improve cleaning by agitating the tyres and flexing their threads to help dislodge deposits, dirt and debris before the truck enters the Wheel Wash.

Portable Wheel Wash

Many wheel wash installments are temporary and therefore require portable equipment. Enviro Concepts provides several types of Wheel Washes suitable for portable applications. Due to the fact that retention ponds or settlement pits are not available in these remote locations, these portable wheel wash include dewatering box or pit to collect and recirculate water. Enviro Concepts also provides the option of adding a modular recycling system so that the wash water is always clean and available at these remote sites.

Due to the nature of these sites, and due to the high number of truck washes and the stringent regulations by the environmental and government authorities, these sites often have to use a Wheel Wash not just to stay compliant, but also for a much needed part of their day to day operations.

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