A Team Effort

EnviroConcepts’ Journey of Success

EnviroConcepts have progressed remarkably over the last 8 years, by providing high-quality, in-demand technologies that cater to the mining, construction and oil and gas sectors. The directors have been with the company from the beginning, guiding it into fruition with their passion for creative technologies. With a sustainability focused ethos that supports client’s needs, EnviroConcepts has become the industry leader in washbay and waste-water treatment plants Australia wide. A world-class, high-profile client base is testament to EnviroConcepts success in delivering quality products and reliable, customer focused and solution oriented services.

The directors have implemented a strong belief system in which the context of the company was conceived, resulting in its substantial progression over the years. This belief system is sustained by three core values: the environment, a sustainable future and our customer’s needs. Our values are evident in the design, production and operations of all business activities. We understand that the environment is our most precious resource and advocate its protection in every endeavour. The company has dedicated its focus towards creating sustainable technologies that help industries protect the environment as well as their assets. Companies have a responsibility to the environment, and EnviroConcepts products are designed to help companies maintain their duty of care as well as abide by environmental legislation by offering easy, cost-effective and compliant solutions.

EnviroConcepts milestone achievments are growing all the time due to new world-class contracts and continual product development. At the present, some of Australia’s largest companies and organisations depend on and trust EnviroConcepts as their number one provider. EnviroConcepts achievements have not gone unnoticed with their shortlisted nomination in the 2013 Premier Sustainability awards. EnviroConcepts innovative technology is unmatched in the industry with its ability to provide a robust and sustainable recycling filtration system paired with state-of-the art above-ground and portable washpads as an all-inclusive, ‘turnkey’ unit.

The directors believe the company would not be the success it is today without its faithful team of highly-skilled representatives. Of course EnviroConcepts’ success has had many trials and tribulations along the way. The company has transcended all obstacles with its strength of purpose, determination and commitment to its beliefs. The company would not have overcome difficulties without learning many valuable lessons which they continue to put in practice. The company has a deep respect for the hardships they have transcended and takes every day as a learning process. With a strong resolve, and a ‘never give up attitude’ the company has come to learn that anything is possible, and there is a solution for everything. The value of teamwork is weighted by the arduous adventure of becoming a success and without it, the company would not be what it is today.

The team at EnviroConcepts have grown together as the company has evolved. The team consists of unique and talented individuals working cohesively to provide the best services for their clients. EnviroConcepts is in control of the whole process, from application to production, to delivery and installation. EnviroConcepts prioritise their customers. They listen to their needs and requirements and specify a system to suit, within their timeframe and budget. In light of customer needs, EnviroConcepts have managed to lower costs and production time considerably since the beginning, due to a team effort on behalf of the purchasing and engineering departments finding materials that are strong, durable, cost-effective as well as environmentally sustainable. The company is continually developing their products and enhancing technologies that supports their sustainability focused ethos, whilst maintaining a cost-effective status.

There are significant financial and environmental benefits of using EnviroConcepts technical designs which many companies are not aware of. EnviroConcepts recognises the significant lack of awareness when it comes to the environmental impacts concerned with illegal dumping of contaminated waste-water into the environment. The company is determined to solve these environmental issues through its commitment to developing systems that reduce environmental impact as well as educating relative industry sectors on sustainable wash-down practices. EnviroConcepts understands the key to creating a sustainable environment is through education and are dedicated to getting the message out there by raising awareness with its new and experienced marketing team.

The company has big plans for expansion and as the company grows, it will only get closer and closer to accomplishing its objectives by assisting mining, construction and oil and gas sectors in achieving sustainability not only in Australia, but on global scale. There is no doubt EnviroConcepts’ will achieve their vision by exceeding aspirations in every endeavour. The team at EnviroConcepts believe that success is a continuous process and will remain on this path with the guidance of its loyal directors.

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