Out With The Old, In With The New

EnviroConcept Washbays Vs. Concrete Washbays

EnviroConcepts has revolutionized washbay technology, providing industries across widespread applications with steel, above-ground modular washpads as an alternative to outdated in-ground concrete washpads. Matched with a wastewater recycling or discharge system, EnviroConcepts has created an environmentally friendly, purpose-built, sustainable solution for compliant wash-down practices.

Since the birth of EnviroConcepts in 2006, the company has dedicated its focus towards creating sustainable technologies that help industries protect the environment and their assets. Companies have a responsibility to the environment and legislative bodies regulate non-compliant practices with harsh fines and penalties. EnviroConcepts assists non-compliancy issues by providing easy, cost-effective solutions that cater to specific needs of the client.

There are many benefits of working with EnviroConcepts. We provide all-inclusive systems, purpose-built to your needs and site requirements. There is minimal site preparation involved as our system is assembled above-ground. Our engineering team have designed our products to ensure minimal environmental impact. The sustainable designs are distinguished in the industry by their portability, which means our systems can be reused over an unlimited amount of projects across Australia.

The environmental and financial benefits of our washbays are highlighted in comparison to out-dated concrete washbays. According to the EcoDesign Foundation, 10-15% of concrete is made of cement. The cement industry is a primary producer of carbon dioxide and is responsible for 8-10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. The EcoDesign Foundation declares, “the consequences of concrete’s ubiquity have been in the main, cumulatively unsustainable” (1998). Therefore, concrete washbays are not sustainable, add to the emissions of greenhouse gasses and are usually demolished at the end of a project, polluting the environment as they are not able to be reused. Concrete washbays are expensive to pour and are only temporary, whereas EnviroConcepts washbays are made of steel, are reusable and sustainable. Our systems are operational in a matter of hours and rapidly re-locatable at the end of your project or lease. Our strong designs are tailored to accommodate any size, load or operating requirements so you can maintain your heavy vehicles and equipment keeping them in prime condition.

EnviroConcepts continuously works on enhancing their designs and lowering costs. Our engineering and purchasing team strive to find sustainable, cost-effective material for manufacturing that is strong and environmentally friendly. Our mission is to see companies using updated systems and following compliant practices. We aim to stop the use of concrete washbays and ensure all companies with wash-down applications are aware of the significant environmental impacts of outdated systems as well as the consequence and penalties of not using a wash-down system at all.

Win more and larger projects by proudly marketing the fact you have invested in an EnviroConcepts environmentally friendly, fully compliant washbay with wash-water treatment plant. Build a reputation with clients and legislative bodies for being a sustainable, environmentally responsible company by joining our exclusive client-base. EnviroConcept has specialised in manufacturing, delivering and installing washbay systems for over 8 years. Call our team of highly-skilled representatives today to start your application.

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