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EnviroConcepts Educational Approach to Illegal Waste Dumping

Illegal waste dumping is a major issue concerning the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) who do not tolerate such activity, enforcing corporations to ‘pay the price’ for their actions with fines as high as $2 million for harming the environment (EPA, 2012). The impacts of waste dumping are extremely severe to the environment and exposure to humans can also be fatal. It is important for the mining, oil and gas and construction sectors to be aware of the significant impacts involved in order to do the right thing whilst avoiding fines and suspension of operations. The below examples are indicative of what can happen as a result of unlawful waste disposal:

This local council of the Port Pirie region issues fines as high as $2million dollars to corporate bodies, and for individuals up to $500,000 or four years in jail. The below article highlights the investigation process of the EPA IDU in identifying illegal waste activity, it states, “any party committing an offence along the waste chain, from producer, through transporter to the disposer, will be held accountable”.

Illegal Dumping, Port Pirie Regional Council

Illegal waste dumping warranted ‘Integra Coal’ an $84,000 penalty for dumping ‘excessive’ waste at its mine in the Hunter Valley region according to the article below.

Integra Coal fined $84,000 for illegal waste dumping in hunter valley, Australian Mining

For almost a year, Metgasco illegally disposed wastewater from its coal seam gas exploration activities at the Casino Sewage Treatment Plant in Northern Rivers, NSW. The EPA discovered that Metgasco had disposed of more than 1 million litres of CSG wastewater. Boudicca Cerese, spokesperson for Lock the Gate Alliance Northern Rivers states in the article below that, “The whole matter indicates complete disregard by Metgasco of the regulations under which this industry is supposed to operate, an apparent lack of concern for the impacts of their activities on the environment, and an inability to properly manage the operations which they are undertaking”.

Metgasco guilty of illegally dumping CSG waste water at council sewage plant, Coal Seam Gas News

EnviroConcepts Sustainable Solutions

At EnviroConcepts, we get calls every day from companies with warnings issued against their non-compliant practices who are looking for solutions.  Many high-end companies look to EnviroConcepts as their number one choice for their vehicle and equipment wash-down purposes.  EnviroConcepts is a pioneering company with a vision for establishing sustainable, environmentally friendly wastewater management systems among mining, construction, oil and gas sectors. We offer revolutionary washbay systems with filtration components as an all-inclusive unit that is an alternative to existing out-dated concrete washbays. These systems are compliant, cost-effective and environmentally conscious. There are substantial financial and environmental benefits from using an EnviroConcepts system. It is an investment that will maintain your assets whilst providing you with a solution to compliancy issues that threaten the operations of your company. It is important for companies to avoid creating a negative image such as Metgasco. With a compliant system you can build a reputation with legislative authorities and clients for being environmentally sensitive as well as efficient in operations. No matter what site you are operating, the weight and size of your specific media, or level of dirt, EnviroConcepts will custom-tailor a purpose-built solution that will fulfil your wash-down needs. You will be able to use your EnviroConcepts unit on an unlimited amount of sites with its portable, above-ground design. For more information, call the team today. 

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