Biosecurity Vehicle Wash for Poultry Trucks & Equipment

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Businesses that have poultry or livestock production facilities understand that hygiene and sanitation play a very important role in the prevention of spreading of disease. Vehicles that exit a poultry or livestock premise must be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly as per compliance rules set by the councils and the environmental authorities. Enviro Concepts’ biosecurity wash helps our client businesses reach both compliance goals and create an effective washbay wastewater treatment system on their premises.

Why is Biosecurity Important?

Where there are animals and live stocks, there will be germs and bacteria. Trucks transporting animals can become full of dirt and contaminants. Not only is this dangerous to people who come in direct contact with these contaminants, it could spread diseases across distances, effecting other farms & stock.

The aim of the biosecurity measures is to prevent the spread that can happen through the movement of vehicles and equipment. In a majority of commercial premises, the business is responsible for washing and decontaminating vehicles and equipment leaving their site. The business owner should be fully aware of the biosecurity requirements and implement what is necessary to reach appropriate standards.

What Aspects of Poultry Trucks Need to Be Cleaned?

Poultry vehicles must be cleaned properly, all organic materials should be removed and the trucks sterilised in between each shipment. In the process of cleaning, the wheels, the inside of the wheel arches, underneath the truck and the mud-guards need to be cleaned thoroughly. The trucks also need to be disinfected to eliminate bacteria, bugs and germs.

A washbay or a Wheel Wash are recommended in premises that deal with livestock. The wastewater collected is often taken through our Biosecurity wash recycling system.

Biosecurity Wash

A biosecurity wash should include heavy duty bio wash spray equipment, approved washbays and water treatment plant. Enviro Concepts offers all of that in compact, modular and containerised options that are easy to install and easy to maintain. We can provide biowash equipment that include high pressure cleaners, chemical wash showers and a bio wash effluent treatment system.

The Enviro Concepts EL100 Recycling Plant is a powerful biosecurity wash water recycling system. The EL recycles the effluent from the washbay to be reused for the washbay or other industrial applications.  This process not only makes the operations compliant for the business and provides cost savings on sourcing fresh water for truck & vehicle washbay and other industrial applications.

In the EL system, the washbay effluent (or wastewater) is pumped into a Solids settling tank where large suspended solids are removed. The water gravity flows to our Continuous Media System (CMS) filter which removes all particles over 20 μm (microns). Next the Oil Water separator enhanced with coalescing plates collects all FOGs (fats, oils and grease). For higher levels of FOG’S, Enviro Concepts offers the Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) in the treatment process. The DAF replaces the Oil Water Separator in this case in the process flow for higher rates and better efficiency.

A Bioreactor such as the Membrane Bioreactor (MBR), Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) and Trickling Bio Filter (TBF), is an essential part of the process and breaks down all organic contaminants. The clear effluent is then sent to a polishing filter, disinfected with chlorine dosing and the recycled water is sent to the pressure washer or another other device of choice.

If you have questions about our EL Biowash system, contact us for more details.