Water Recycling Systems – The Business Benefits

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Reusing and recycling wastewater is a key part of reducing pressure on our water resources and our environment. However, there are also business advantages to recycling water. Recycling supports supply and demand of fresh water as well as helps businesses with their compliance challenges, automate their water treatment process and finally save costs across their projects.

Managing Supply and Demand

The demand to recycle water can arise due to a number of factors – shortage of water in a particular area or a facility, cost to install a supply line in remote areas, the high useage and cost of mains water for industrial processes, or simply the rising costs of fresh water.

Some of the largest consumers of recycled water are farmers, irrigators, sites that require a high amount of wash downs, and industries that require water for their manufacturing processes. For these businesses, recycled water can be a cost-effective, long term solution to meet their water needs.

Reusing and recycling alternative sources of water is a key part of reducing pressure on water resources and the environment. Some of the areas where Enviro Concepts works with clients in recycling water are:

  • Grey water
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Wash Down Waste Water Recycling

Grey water Recycling System

Grey water can be defined as any domestic or workplace wastewater, excluding sewage. This can be a good resource for recycled water and it can be reused in farming, toilets & laundry in households, or industrial applications. Enviro Concepts promotes grey water recycling system that uses a biological wastewater treatment process and removes harmful nutrients in the water, making it safe for reuse.

Rainwater Harvesting

Using rainwater is an effective way to conserve water supplies. Rainwater harvesting involves the collection of water from surfaces on which rain fails, and subsequently storing the water for reuse after filtration. Enviro Concepts provides rain diversion systems and also provides first flush systems for their industrial wash down bays.

Wash Down Waste Water Recycling

Reusing and recycling wash down water allows businesses to have an alternative source of clean water. Enviro Concepts’ EL Recycling Systems provide an effective solution for small businesses like single car wash bays to large facilities like mining sites that require heavy duty water recycling. The EL has the capability to produce Class A+ recycled water which is the highest class of recycled water and it is the best source of non-potable water for industrial use. For more information on our EL Water Recycling Series, visit our EL page.

Waste water recycling, Enviro Concepts

Business Benefits of Water Recycling

Recycling water, especially for industrial processes provides huge long term benefits to businesses. Some of them are:

  • Compliance – If wastewater is discharged to tank, there is a cost of disposing it to trade waste. If wastewater is not properly discharged to sewer, it affects compliance laws which can be detrimental to any business in terms of costs and reputation with the councils. Water recycling systems maintains regulatory compliance easily.
  • Costs – Water recycling is one of the best ways for water management in an industrial or commercial wash down facility. There is almost no water wastage and it saves huge costs in sourcing fresh water or using mains water. Long term, it provides a high return on investment. The EL systems are containerised. It has a small footprint and it can be installed in a matter of days, reducing installation time and costs. Being containerised, it is relocatable. The system can be easily moved to a different site if the business decides to change location.
  • Efficient System – The EL Water Recycling is an efficient way of managing supply and demand. Depending on the quality and quantity of the input water required, the EL system is designed to automate the process of recycling the water for reuse.
  • Protecting the Environment – Enviro Concepts’ EL water recycling plant is a closed loop system. It prevents pollutants from entering waterways and sewers. It conserves water and is beneficial to our environment, our community and the business.

The business and environmental benefits of water recycling far surpasses other treatment options available to businesses. At Enviro Concepts, we work with clients through rental or lease options for our plants in order to keep the upfront costs low and encourage the reuse of recycled water in their businesses. If you have any questions or would like to get more information, feel free to contact us or fill in our free estimate form.